Germ Killing Hand Dryers for Restaurants

Why Germ Killing Hand Dryers are Best for Restaurants

As a restaurant owner or manager, you do everything possible to create a clean, healthy environment for your workers and customers. One step to achieving this goal is installing a germ killing hand dryer in your public restrooms. These products not only enhance good hygiene, they also help you save on your operating costs, contributing to your bottom line. Here's how:

  • A modern hand dryer for restaurants uses gentle yet powerful streams of air to dry hands. This frees you and your cleaning staff from the never-ending burden of cleaning up and disposing of germ-laden paper towel waste. Studies show that used towels can harbor billions of disease-causing organisms, including the ones that cause such debilitating and potentially deadly illnesses as influenza and E. coli. Having these waste products in your wastebaskets is like dealing with a ticking time bomb. Eventually, it will go off, with disastrous results for everyone involved.

  • Having a restroom hand dryer in each bathroom will spare you the endless costs associated with purchasing and installing paper towels and paper towel dispensers. Each year, you probably throw away hundreds or even thousands of dollars on these non-recyclable products that contribute nothing to your revenues. A germ killing hand dryer, on the other hand, costs almost nothing to operate, saving you money every time someone washes their hands. Over time, this can add up to powerful savings.

  • Studies show that a modern restroom hand dryer is the environmentally responsible choice when compared to paper towels, which require chopping down millions of trees each year. Then there's the cost of transporting the dead trees to the paper mills, processing them into paper towels, and shipping them all over North America. Compare this to hand dryers, which represent a one-time expense, are made with a high percentage of recyclable materials, and consume far less of the earth's limited resources. It's easy to see how a hand dryer for restaurants is the right thing to do for the environment.

While all our hand dryers are superior to paper towels, some of our models are especially suited to restroom environments due to their ease of use and enhanced germ killing features. These include the XL series and the FastDry HK 1800 series. Browse our site today to find out more about these fine products and our other germ killing hand dryer models.

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