Stainless Steel Baby Changing Stations

Stainless steel baby changing stations may be the best choice for your needs. Our stainless models offer the following advantages:

  1. Stainless steel is exceptionally easy to clean. A few quick wipes with a disinfectant spray and a cloth is usually all that’s needed to make the unit germ-free and ready for the next user.
  2. Stainless steel conveys the unit’s inherent strength, cleanliness, and durability to the parent. While all of our models offer these features, the use of stainless material offers added reassurance that the product is trustworthy.
  3. Stainless fits in well with modern restrooms design. It matches mirror frames, stall components, and other fittings found in today’s facilities.
  4. Many of our stainless models are designed for recessed installation into the wall’s structure. This both saves valuable space and creates a very neat, professional look.

“Won’t a stainless steel surface be too cold?”

That’s a question we sometimes hear from clients worried that infants will find our stainless models uncomfortably cool. However, each of our stainless units uses the same ultra-smooth, touch-friendly polyethylene material for the changing area. Stainless steel is used only for the components that make no contact with the child. So this concern, while understandable, is really no problem at all.

Did you know that we offer free shipping to all 50 states? We also provide a free consultation, discounts for multiple units, and many other benefits to our customers. So look through our fine selection, then place your order today for stainless steel baby changing stations, either online or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-535-4393.

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