White Hand Dryers

Today’s automatic hand dryers combine sleek style with powerful drying capability and an assortment of technology-driven features. Built to last, modern automatic hand dryers ensure a hygienic experience with a minimal carbon footprint, and can virtually eliminate the use of costly paper towels.

 Top White Hand Dryers from the Biggest Brands

White hand dryers are an excellent choice for any high-traffic area, including restrooms located in shopping malls, libraries, and hotels. Dyson, one of the most well-known automatic dryer brands, produces several white hand dryers to accommodate any décor style.

 One of the most popular Dyson is the Dyson Airblade HU02 V Series in white, which features a powerful 1000W motor that filters air through the integrated HEPA filter and is able to dry hands in as little as 12 seconds.

World Dryer is another popular manufacturer that has earned a reputation for making dryers that can stand up to heavy use. The brand’s white hand dryer offerings include the popular Nova 1, the WA-126, AirSpeed, and the J-974 Airforce in white epoxy. Each World Dryer model features a powerful yet quiet motor that ensures hands are completely dry in 12 seconds or less.

Known for its forward-thinking designs and vibrant outer housing options, Excel Dryer’s XLERATOR® dryers have become synonymous with powerful drying capability in an aesthetically pleasing package. Popular white XLERATOR® hand dryers include the XLERATOR®  XL-BW and the surface mounted TA-ABS, Thin Air.

Allied is the Source for White Automatic Hand Dryers

From surface mount hand dryers, to recessed automatic hand dryers, to vertical freestanding units from top manufacturers like Dyson, XLERATOR® and World Dryer, Allied carries a range of options to suit every need.

Allied offers free and fast shipping on all automatic hand dryers, parts, and accessories and is committed to providing the lowest prices in the industry. Allied will match any competitor’s price on the same item within 1 year of purchase.

For help choosing the right automatic hand dryer or genuine replacement parts, contact Allied’s experts at 1-800-535-4393.

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