ASI® 0196 TURBO-Pro™ Series Hand Dryers - Steel Cover High Speed HEPA Automatic Surface-Mounted ADA Compliant

by ASI (American Specialties, Inc.)

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ASI® 0196 TURBO-Pro™ Series Hand Dryers - Steel Cover, High-Speed, Automatic, HEPA Filter, Surface-Mounted ADA Compliant

ASI® 0196 TURBO-Pro™ Series Hand Dryer is an ADA-compliant, high-speed, automatic hand dryer. A HEPA filter is used to purify the air before it dries hands. The replaceable filter is housed in a separate chamber, which allows it to be easily accessed for removal without the need to disconnect the dryer. The dryer provides operating flexibility—the owner controls air temperature as well as air speed to suit their needs and a 5 year warranty by ASI® provides peace of mind. Heavy-duty, one-piece-formed unit. Steel.


  • Fast drying times (12 to 15 seconds); 257 mph max airspeed.
  • Automatic, Infrared Sensor Activated - no need to touch any germy surface on the hand dryer (sensitivity of sensor is adjustable) 
  • Blue LED light shows user the optimal hand placement for shortest dry time
  • At only 4” thick, this ultra compact and stylish design can be surface-mounted and still meet ADA compliance for 4” protrusion into a primary walk-way or traffic corridor. With no need to recess this unit or buy a separate recess kit, installation is much quicker & less expensive.
  • HEPA Filter: The built-in, replaceable HEPA Filter removes solid particles suspended in the intake air, improving bathroom air quality.
  • Cover available in 2 Materials & 3 Different Color/Finish options: Steel with White Porcelain Enamel [-00], Steel with Powder-Coated Matte Black [-41], and Satin (Brushed) Stainless Steel [-93] - make cover selection at checkout.
  • Voltage available in three different options: 0196-1 (110V/120V), 0196-2 (208V-240V), and 0196-3 (277V) - make voltage selection at checkout.
  • Adjustable Motor Speed allows owner to customize drying time, sound level and energy savings
  • Adjustable Heating Element allows owner to further customize drying time and energy savings
  • Energy Efficient (1250 Watts)
  • Quieter (68 to 73.8 dB)
  • Backed by a Full 5 Year Parts Warranty against Manufacturer Defects by ASI®.
  • UL® (in both the United States and Canada) and CE® approved
  • Durable and vandal resistant with 2 vandal-proof screws and a special security wrench
  • IP24 rating - protection against harmful water ingress. 


  • 13.6" (345 mm) High x 8.6" (219 mm) Wide x 4" (102 mm) Deep; Weight: 9.3 lbs. (4.2 kg)

Electrical Specification:

  • 110/120 Volts; 8.3 Amps; 1250 Watts; 50/60 Hz
  • or 208V - 240 Volts; 4.17 Amps; 1250 Watts; 50/60 Hz
  • or 277 Volts; 4.17 Amps; 1250 Watts; 50/60 Hz

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