1071-KIT - REFRESH KIT for KB200-Series Changing Station (Regardless of Color)

by Koala

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REFRESH KIT for use with ALL Koala KB200 Changing Stations Regardless of Color (CREAM KB200-00, GREY KB200-01, WHITE GRANITE KB200-05, and EARTH KB200-11).  Same Refresh Kit for all four colors of KB200 changing stations.

  • 1071-KIT For use with Cream KB200-00, Grey KB200-01, White Granite KB200-05, and Earth KB200-11 and Includes:  Koala logo front label (495), instructional label (370-10, formerly 473), restroom door label (310-28, formerly 841), strap kit (885-KIT),, shock kit (472-KIT), ASTM warning label (975), bungee kit (481-KIT) and key kit (492-KIT). Intended for use in the U.S.

PLEASE NOTE: Each of the individual parts listed above as included in the REFRESH KITS are also available ala carte or separately.  It is not necessary to buy the REFRESH KIT if you only need a decal, shock or strap.

ATTENTION: If your reason to buy this refresh kit is primarily to obtain the shock, please note the following: the purpose of the shock is to assist a parent holding a child in the closing of the station in a slow, controlled manner with just a nudge...and keep it closed.  If your changing station won't stay closed, the replacement shock is the solution.  But if your changing station opens past 90 degrees, replacing the shock won’t remedy the problem.  This level of deflection (past 90 degrees with the bed tilting towards the floor) indicates that the internal frame has likely been bent by excessive weight / force and cannot be repaired.  Please contact us to discuss available options.

Shipping Dimensions: 3″ H x 8″ W x 19″ D (76 x 203 x 483 mm)

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