1346-KIT - BLACK STRAP KIT for KB866, KB877, KB888, KB966 & KB977 KidSitter® High Chair / Infant Seat Cradle Combo

by Koala

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BLACK STRAP KIT for use with ALL KidSitter® High Chair/Infant Seat Cradle (including the models KB866, KB877, KB888, KB966 & KB977)

  • 1346-KIT Strap is for use with the KidSitter® when it is in the infant cradle position and is intended to secure infant's car seat / carrier to the KidSitter®.  Kit comes complete with black nylon woven strap, plastic buckle, screws and installation instructions.

ATTENTION: The KidSitter® requires two different types of straps for each of its two possible positions/functions: High Chair and Infant Seat Cradle.   If you are seeking the strap used to secure the child when the KidSitter® is in the high chair position, please see Koala Part 268-KIT Waist Strap.

PLEASE NOTE:  Tan Strap Kit (1352-KIT) has been discontinued.  Please use Black Strap Kit (1346) as its replacement.

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