Excel Dryer XLERATOR® 40502 Recess Kit - Brushed Stainless Steel ADA Compliant (DOES NOT INCLUDE HAND DRYER)

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Excel Dryer XLERATOR® 40502 Recess Kit - Brushed Stainless Steel, ADA-Compliant; for Use with the XLERATOR® or XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer  


PLEASE NOTE: XLERATOR or XLERATOReco Hand Dryer Not Included; Purchased Separately

With Excel Xlerator Hand Dryers and our Recess Kits, you can offer the benefits of warm-air hand drying while enhancing your restroom's appearance and maximizing available space.

These Recess Kits are made of high-quality 18- and 22-gauge stainless steel with all-welded construction. However, they're easy to install with a few basic tools. Plus, they offer added benefits like these:

  • Contain air flow to help prevent the spread of water droplets.
  • Offer additional deterrence when used in vandalism-prone areas.
  • Wide space at the bottom offers a full 10" for users to dry their hands.
  • Once installed, requires no maintenance other than an occasional wipe-down.
  • Stainless steel (being non-porous) is naturally germ- and bacteria-resistant.
  • Easier to clean than plastic and other types of materials.

Set your public restrooms apart by using one of these Recess Kits with each of your Xlerator Hand Dryer units. Place your order today for super-fast service.

Suggested Mounting Heights (from floor to bottom of dryer):

Men: 45" (114 cm), Ladies: 43" (109 cm), Teenagers: 41" (104 cm), Children: 35" ( 89 cm), Handicapped: 37" ( 94 cm)

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