653-KIT- WALL PLUG KIT for ALL KB100-Series, KB110-Series, and KB111-Series Changing Stations

by Koala

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WALL PLUG KIT for use with ALL surface-mounted Koala KB100-Series, KB101-Series, KB110-Series, and KB111-Series Changing Stations (including the models CREAM KB100-00, GREY KB100-01, WHITE GRANITE KB100-05, CREAM KB101-00, GREY KB101-01, WHITE GRANITE KB101-05, STAINLESS STEEL KB110-SSWM, and STAINLESS STEEL KB111-SSWM).

  • 653-KIT WALL PLUG KIT comes complete with four(4) wall plugs for surface-mounting the KB100-Series, KB101-Series, KB110-SSWM, and KB111-SSWM into masonry wall and installation instructions in English, Spanish, French, & German.

Shipping Dimensions: 10″ H x 6″ W x ½” D (254 x 152 x 13 mm)

PLEASE NOTE: During the life span of the vertical KB101-Series, the front decal changed from the large 825 keyhole-shaped label to the smaller 1057 square decal.  Both styles are depicted in this listing's images.  Regardless of which front decal your changing station has, the 653-KIT is the correct wall plug kit for mounting your KB101 onto a masonry wall.

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