Excel Dryer XLERATOR® 89S - Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Guards (Set of 2)

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Excel Dryer XLERATOR® 89S - Brushed (Satin) Stainless Steel Wall Guard (Two Panels per Package)


Now you can add the germ-fighting power of stainless steel to the benefits you already enjoy from Xlerator Hand Dryers. These Wall Guards mount directly below the Hand Dryers using only the enclosed adhesive strips. You won't have to drill holes, stir up dust, or close your restroom to complete the installation.

These Wall Guards also catch water that would otherwise ricochet off wet hands and splash onto your walls. By installing Wall Guards, you'll promote health and hygiene while making your restrooms more attractive and easier to clean.

Stainless Steel: Naturally Anti-Germ

Microorganisms thrive in porous environments where they can sink deep and begin to reproduce. Stainless steel, however, is non-porous, giving bacteria and germs nowhere to hide. The result: you can completely sanitize these guards with a quick wipe of a disinfectant rag.

Plus, you'll enjoy the other benefits of being an Allied customer, like our famous low-price guarantee. So order today for fastest service.

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