ALPINE® 400-10-WHI HEMLOCK™ Stainless Steel White High-Speed Hand Dryer

by Alpine Industries
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Alpine HEMLOCK (Model 400-10) High-Speed Hand Dryer (110V/120V)

with White Stainless Steel Cover

The HEMLOCK hand dryer by ALPINE is a high-speed, surface-mounted hand dryer that is capable of taking the user’s hands from wet to dry in 10 seconds (2.5 times faster than traditional dryers). Unique to the Alpine HEMLOCK’s modern low-profile design is the cover material. While a stainless steel cover is often one option available on other models; every HEMLOCK 400 comes with a light-weight, durable grade 304 stainless steel cover as standard. But what’s even more unique are the seven colors/tints the HEMLOCK’s stainless steel cover is available in. Those colors include Black, Chrome, Copper, Gray, Red, White, & Brushed Stainless. The HEMLOCK is considered relatively quiet for the speed and air volume produced (81 dB at operator's ear with hands in air stream). The brush-type motor operates at an astonishing speed of 25,000 RPM and is capable of producing an air velocity of 20,000 linear feet per minute or 227.3 miles per hour (61.36 CFM air volume) and a temperature increase of 104°F (from 77°F room temperature) at hand level (approx. 4in. below nozzles). Both the motor and heating element are activated automatically by an infrared sensor. Dry time is approx. 10 seconds, but the length of the dry cycle is determined by the user. As soon as the user's hands are removed from under the unit, the drying cycle is terminated. And to further increase energy efficiency, the heating element can be turned off…adding a few seconds to the dry time but lowering wattage & amperage considerable. A blue light indicates to the user the optimal hand placement for most efficient drying. Although usually hardwired, the HEMLOCK comes with a discrete knockout on the underside of the cover, making the addition of a wall plug quick & easy. Great for high traffic areas, the HEMLOCK hand dryer can save you thousands of dollars a year in paper towels and electricity; a 95% savings over paper towels alone. And let’s not forget the elimination of plumbing and sanitation expenses & hassles associated with paper towels as well. Mounting instructions (including template) and warranty information are included.

Dimensions: 12-5/16" High x 11-13/32" Wide x 6-11/16" Deep; Weight: 9.5 lbs.

Electrical Specification: 110/120 Volts; 50Hz/60Hz

WITH HEATING ELEMENT ON: 15 Amps; 1240 to 1800 Watts


5 Year Limited Warranty against Manufacturer Defects.

Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (UL) Listed. (In both the United States and Canada)

CE Certified (In both the United States and Canada)

FREE SHIPPING via FedEx Ground to anywhere in the Contiguous United States.

Made in China




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