ASI 0155 Recessed PORCELAIR (Cast Iron) AUTOMATIK (110V/120V) INFRARED SENSOR ASSEMBLY (Part# 055149)

by ASI (American Specialties, Inc.)

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INFRARED SENSOR ASSEMBLY (Key 3) for the ASI 0155 Recessed PORCELAIR, AUTOMATIK / NO TOUCH (110V/120V) HAND DRYER (Part# 055149)

"One-Eye" Type Sensor.  Sensor Rated for 110V to 240V and to be used with the IR Circuit Board (Key 2). 

This item is not sold separately but is included with the Infrared Sensor and IR Circuit Board Assembly (Key 1).

Although the ASI 0155 PorcelAir AutoMatik (110V/120V) recessed, sensor-activated, cast iron hand dryer has been discontinued for some time, replacement parts are still readily available.  Keep your hand dryer in working condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire unit.


To purchase a complete replacement hand dryer for this model, please see the NOVA 0712 / Recessed NOVA 4 (110V/120V) Sensor-Activated (Automatic) Cast Iron Hand Dryer.

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