Bradley Aerix+ Model 2922-2874 High Speed, High-Efficiency Hand Dryer Satin Stainless Steel

by Bradley

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Product Materials

2922-2874 COVER: one-piece stainless steel; satin finish. Cover fixed to the base plate with tamper proof screws.

ADJUSTABLE MOTOR: motor is a thermally-protected universal type operating at 23,400 RPM. Adjustable motor control switch has three settings; HI, MED and LOW.

HEATING ELEMENT: 400 watt heating element constructed of nichrome wire and protected by an automatic resetting thermal cutoff. Heater can be turned ON or OFF via internal switch.

SENSOR OPERATION: Automatic infrared sensor with a 3 second run-on time and a 30 second vandal shut-off.

BASE PLATE: Aluminum with four mounting holes and a .88" knockout.

Installation: Verify all rough-in dimensions prior to installation. Hand dryers require a dedicated 15 amp circuit and must be properly grounded. GFI Circuit protection is recommended. One side of dryer should be mounted to a stud. For proper mounting heights, see installation manual.

Operation: Place hands 3"–6" below nozzle to activate air flow. Dryer will stop after hands are removed from air flow.

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