DYSON® Airblade™ HU03 Hand Dryer, SKU #282997-01, Stainless Steel, Low Voltage (9KJ 110-120V)

by Dyson

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Curved Blade™ design
Sheets of air travelling at 388mph follow the contours of your hands – scraping water from the surface in 10 seconds in Max mode. Sheets of air travel at 337mph with dry time of 12 seconds in Eco mode.
Switch between 2 modes
Max: 900W or Eco: 650W
Dedicated 20 AMP suitable for up to 2 machines.
Powered by the Dyson digital motor V4
Spinning 75,000 times a minute, the motor draws 6.1 gallons of air per second through the machine.
Low energy
Efficient aerodynamics means the Dyson digital motor draws up to 84% less energy than a warm air hand dryer.
Our quietest4 Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer yet
Straight line configuration allows for simpler airflow paths which reduces air turbulence, meaning less noise and less energy consumption.
Small carbon footprint
Produces up to 85% less CO2 than paper towels and up to 85% less than other hand dryers.
Hygienically dries hands with clean air
HEPA filter captures 99.7% of particles, including bacteria and viruses.
Cost just $19 per year7 to run in Eco mode
Up to 99% less expensive to run than paper towels and up to 86% less than warm air hand dryers.
Touch-free operation
‘Time of flight’ sensors accurately detect hands in 0.25 seconds to activate air without wasting energy.
Create space in your washroom
Slim and compact at just 4 inches (100 mm) deep – no recessing required. ADA compliant.
Easy to clean and service
Stainless steel finish. Safe electrical disconnect.


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