Excel XL-BW XLerator REPLACEMENT COVER BOLTS - TAMPER PROOF (Part Ref. XL 3 / Stock# 626)

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Tamper Proof Cover Bolts - Set of 2 (Part Ref. XL 3 / Stock# 626) for the Excel XL-BW XLerator WHITE THERMOSET / BULK MOLDED COMPOUND (BMC) AUTOMATIC HAND DRYER

Please note that these two Tamper Proof Cover Bolts (Part Ref. XL 3 / Stock# 626) cannot be tightened or loosened with a typical Allen wrench.  They require the use of the specifically designed (hollowed) Tamper Proof Cover Bolt Wrench (Part Ref. XL 4 / Stock# 630) to secure or remove the XLerator cover (Part Ref. XL 1 / Stock# 1067).  Cover Bolt Wrench sold separately.

You could buy an entirely new unit to replace your current XL-BW XLerator hand dryer. But with the correct replacement parts, you can keep your hand dryer in working condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire unit.


To purchase a complete replacement hand dryer for this model, please see the XL-BW XLerator listing.

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