M17ACS, Speedflow Plus Saniflow Satin (Bruhed) Stainless Steel HEPA Universal Voltage ADA

by Saniflow
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SANIFLOW M17ACS – Speedflow Plus (Satin / Brushed Stainless Steel Cover)


M17ACS SPEEDFLOW PLUS  - Polished (Bright) Stainless Steel Cover. 

Versatile Hand dryer with an advanced design. One of the most energy efficient hand dryers in the world - in a great looking, compact, and price competitive package. No need to order a recessed kit for ADA applications. GreenSpec listed, contributing to points for LEED Credits.


-Fast Drying time (12 to 15 seconds)

-Adjustable High Speed Motor: Turn up for fast drying; turn down for quiet operation. Produces half the noise of leading competitors. Users can choose their preferred air speed by use of a built-in potentiometer in the control board.

-Adjustable Heating Element: The 500 Watt heating element can be switched off manually with an ON/OFF micro switch located on the control board, allowing the owner to regulate both power consumption & amperage.

-HEPA FilterThe built-in, replaceable HEPA Filter removes solid particles suspended in the intake air, improving bathroom air quality.

-Protrudes only 4” from the wall in compliance with ADA requirements, suitable for Disabled accessible washrooms. No need to order a recessed Kit to comply with ADA applications.

-Universal Voltage – Convenient to install as Voltage (110 - 240 V) adjusts automatically, saving installation time.

-Easy retrofit – Mounting holes match those of most popular models. No need to drill new holes.

-Vandal-resistant surfaced-mounted unit, with 2 vandal-proof screws and lock with Special wrench

-5 years limited warranty

SPEEDFLOW PLUS M17AC has both adjustable motor speed & heating element. Reducing the motor speed reduces excessive noise from the restroom which may disturbing adjacent spaces.  A replaceable HEPA Filter is integrated into the unit. Turning the heating element to off reduces both amperage & power consumption.  It is a 4” deep surface mounted hand dryer, meaning it meets ADA protrusion rules without the expense of recessing.  Dries hands in 12-15 seconds. It can be adjusted to fit any application. Speedflow Plus ® has received excellent reviews from many School Districts, Super stores, and important Department of Transportation offices across the nation & Platinum LEED Buildings across the nation.

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