WORLD DRYER® NOVA® 5 (0212 and 0222) Hand Dryer - White Aluminum Surface-Mounted Automatic

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WORLD DRYER® NOVA® 5 (0212 and 0222) Hand Dryer - White Epoxy on Aluminum Cover, Surface-Mounted, Automatic


As a facility manager, your job is to promote a clean, healthy environment for the people in your location. This includes making sure that your restrooms are as sanitary and germfree as possible. But, in these economically challenging times, it can be hard to do so while remaining within your operating budget.

That’s where the Nova 5 Automatic Hand Dryer (Models 0212 and 0222) comes into play. This quality product offers features you would normally expect to find on higher-price products. Yet it’s low cost means that virtually every organization can afford to offer all the benefits of modern warm-air hand drying.

The Nova® 5 with sensor-activation offers world-class features & benefits like these:

  • Quiet brushless induction motor for fast, reliable drying
  • A 360° revolving die-cast aluminum nozzle allows for hand, face, and hair drying.
  • Classic style design
  • Activated by infrared sensor which detects presence of hands - no need to touch any germ-laden surface for use. The drying cycle terminates automatically with the removal of hands.
  • A rugged exterior made from aluminum and finished in an attractive white white epoxy finish.
  • Tamper-resistant bolts attached to a heavy-gauge steel wall plate resist damage from abuse and vandalism.
  • A powerful fan protected by an aluminum grate built directly into the blower housing.
  • Internal grounding throughout the unit for ultimate safety.
  • A powerful 1/10 horsepower 3200 RPM brushless motor delivers 107 CFM at a velocity of 4,400 LM (50 mph) of gentle warm air.
  • A nichrome wire-heating element for safety and long life that provides a 70°F temperature increase (approx. 142°F)
  • A built-in 25 amp circuit breaker, which provides additional safety.
  • 30 separate intake slots create smooth, even airflow.
  • A 5-year limited warranty for assurance and peace of mind

Allied: The Best You Can Get

One of the keys to achieving excellence is to focus on what you do best. At Allied, our mission is simple: we provide top-quality commercial restroom products at low prices, backed by superior customer service. When you order from us, you’ll enjoy world-class benefits like these:

  • Fast, convenient ordering using either our handy online form or toll-free phone number.
  • A huge selection of products from which to choose.
  • Our low-price guarantee; we will match or beat any web-based vendor’s cost every time.
  • Fast, cost-free shipping to all US locations. Most orders go out the same day they’re placed.
  • Superior customer support that goes on well after the sale.

Browse our site for the automatic Nova 5 hand dryer and place your order today.


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