WORLD DRYER® NOVA® 5 (0112 and 0122) Hand Dryer - White Aluminum Surface-Mounted Push Button

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WORLD DRYER® NOVA® 5 (0112 and 0122) Hand Dryer - White Epoxy on Aluminum Cover, Surface-Mounted, Push-Button


You can save your organization money and promote a better environment for everyone who uses your facility thanks to the highly affordable Nova 5 Hand Dryer with Push Button (Models 0112 and 0122). This top-quality product offers all the benefits of modern warm-air hand drying. Yet its low cost means it’s affordable for virtually any organization.

The Nova® 5 with push-button technology offers world-class features & benefits like these:

  • Quiet brushless induction motor for fast, reliable drying
  • A 360° revolving die-cast aluminum nozzle allows for hand, face, and hair drying.
  • Classic style design
  • Simple push-button / micro-switch action offers hassle-free reliability.
  • Includes a micro-chip based timer; run time or drying cycle is adjustable
  • A rugged exterior made from aluminum and finished in an attractive white white epoxy finish.
  • Tamper-resistant bolts attached to a heavy-gauge steel wall plate resist damage from abuse and vandalism.
  • A powerful fan protected by an aluminum grate built directly into the blower housing.
  • Internal grounding throughout the unit for ultimate safety.
  • A powerful 1/10 horsepower 3200 RPM brushless motor delivers 107 CFM at a velocity of 4,400 LM (50 mph) of gentle warm air.
  • A nichrome wire-heating element for safety and long life that provides a 70°F temperature increase (approx. 142°F)
  • A built-in 25 amp circuit breaker, which provides additional safety.
  • 30 separate intake slots create smooth, even airflow.
  • A 5-year limited warranty for assurance and peace of mind.

Why Choose Allied?

And when you order your new Nova 5 Series hand dryer from Allied, you’ll enjoy added benefits that come with being a part of our family.  With all the commercial restroom product vendors online, why should you go with us?  Excellent question, here’s the answer: Allied offers an unbeatable array of benefits. Including:

  • Fast, convenient ordering using either our handy online form or toll-free phone number.
  • A huge selection of products from which to choose.
  • Our low-price guarantee; we will match or beat any web-based vendor’s cost every time.
  • Fast, cost-free shipping to all US locations. Most orders go out the same day they’re placed.
  • Superior customer support that goes on well after the sale.

    So check out our site and place your order for the Nova 5 hand dryer with push button today.


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