Steraspace Sanitizer by Airdri

by AirDri
Model: Steraspace Sanitizer by Airdri

Introducing the most advanced virus and bacteria control technology from Airdri! 

The Airdri SteraSpace air & surface sanitizer provides 24/7 infection and odor control by sanitizing surrounding air and exposed surfaces.

The units work by combining three advanced technologies to emit a flow of disinfecting plasma that’s proven to eliminate 98.11% of airborne and 99.6% of surface micro-organisms.







Benefits of the SteraSpace Include:

  1. Effectively removes viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi & odors
  2. Cleans deep into fabrics, prolongs life of carpets and soft furnishings
  3. Eliminates need for masking agents
  4. Can help to reduce staff absenteeism and  agency costs
  5. Improves environment for residents, staff  and visitors

The SteraSpace is suitable for varying environments, from restrooms, to offices, medical practices, and care homes. Featuring a compact profile and a modern design, the unit is discrete, yet can service floor areas of up to 430ft2.

With minimal maintenance and low energy consumption of just 18 watts, the SteraSpace is a green solution for delivering continuously sanitized air and surfaces.

With efficacy data from multiple laboratories including Porton Down in the UK, this technology is the most advanced virus control technology of its kind. Used in combination with your normal cleaning and hygiene protocols, SteraSpace will provide the ultimate in infection control. 



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