WORLD VERDEdri Q-974A (First Generation) SECURITY COVER BOLT ALLEN WRENCH with COVER BOLTS (Set of 2 Bolts) COMBO (Part # 46-040221K)

by World Dryer

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Security Cover Allen Wrench with Cover Bolts (Set of 2) included (KEY 8) for the First Generation WORLD VERDEdri Q-974A WHITE ALUMINUM, ADA COMPLIANT SURFACE-MOUNTED, AUTOMATIC HAND DRYER (Part# 46-040221K)

This combination (Part# 46-04021K - KEY 8) includes both the Cover Bolts (Set of 2) and the Security Cover Bolt Wrench (Part 56-40189).

Security Allen Wrench (KEY 9 / Part# 56-40189) can no longer be purchased separately.  It can only be purchased in combination with the cover bolts in this listing.

With the correct replacement parts, you can keep your VERDEdri Q-Series hand dryer in working condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire unit.  But if you are needing to replace your hand dryer with an entirely new unit, please note that the first generation Q-974A VERDEdri models have been replaced by the next generation Q-974A2 models.  For nearly identical looks & improved performance in a complete unit, please see the model Q-974A2. 

This listing is for the older, original first generation of VERDEdri models.  You can identify which VERDEdri generation you have by looking at the bottom of the dryer near the air nozzle.  If you have the first-generation, original VERDEdri model (Q-974A), you will only see metal cover from top to bottom and covering the air nozzle.  If you have the newest or 2nd generation (Q-974A2), you will see blue plastic protruding from the bottom of the metal cover and covering the air nozzle.



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