WORLD XA5-974 (115V - 20 Amp) SENSOR CONTROL ASSY (Part# 16-230-120AK)

by World Dryer

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Sensor Control Assembly - Sensor & Board (Key 1) for the WORLD XA5-974 (110V/120V - 20 Amp) CAST IRON, SURFACE-MOUNTED, AUTOMATIC HAND DRYER (Part# 16-230-120AK)

Sensor Control Assembly is rated for 110V/120V.   Includes Infrared Sensor & Circuit Board (Part # 16-230-120AK)

You could buy an entirely new unit to replace your current WORLD XA5-974 (110V/120V - 20 Amp) hand dryer.  But with the correct replacement parts, you can keep your hand dryer in working condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire unit.


To purchase a complete replacement hand dryer for this model, please see the XA5-974, World Dryer Cast Iron White.

REPLACEMENT PARTS for the world XA52-974 (115V/15 Amp)

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