Excel Dryer XLERATOR® 89B - Black Wall Guards Plastic (Set of 2)

by Excel

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Excel Dryer XLERATOR® 89B - Black Plastic Wall Guard (Two Panels per Package)


This Microban Anti-Microbial Wall Guard adds to the many benefits that already come with using Xlerator Hand Dryers. These guards install just below our high-quality dryers, catching water droplets that would otherwise end up on your restroom walls.

The Microban technology built into these guards kills microorganisms on contact, enhancing the hygienic environment and helping prevent the spread of illness-causing germs. The guards attach easily to the wall using only the included high-strength adhesive material. There's no need to drill holes or close down your restroom for installation.

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What is Microban technology?

Microban is the brand name of a breakthrough material that destroys microorganisms by keeping them from reproducing. A layer of Microban is permanently added to products and will never wash away. Also, Microban will not harm people or animals. So order your new Xlerator hand dryer Wall Guards from Allied today, knowing that your restrooms will be cleaner and healthier for it.

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