J-970 Chrome

The World Dryer J-970 Air Force hand dryer is an unbeatable way to give your customers and employees all the benefits that only modern warm-air hand drying can provide. We proudly offer these units to our customers along with Allied’s low pricing, quick shipping, and excellent support.

Here are some of the many reasons to order the J-970 chrome:

  • High-speed, ultra-convenient 12 second drying times. This dryer will help to prevent long waiting lines in your restrooms, getting your workers back to their jobs and customers back on the sales floor in less time.
  • Button-free activation uses modern infrared technology for ultimate ease of use. Not only does this make the product more convenient, it robs germs of one of their favorite gathering spots.
  • Low 1100 W electric use helps you to save on energy bills, benefiting the environment and your bottom line at the same time.
  • Sleek chrome exterior makes this dryer a handsome addition to any restroom.
  • Multi-voltage settings allow for installation in virtually any location.
  • Your choice of either hard-wired or wall plug models.
  • The compact size saves wall space and allows for installation of multiple units.
  • Multi-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

Modern Dryers Beat Paper Towels Hand Down

The facts are in, the jury has decided, and the case is closed. Conclusive evidence proves that modern electric warm-air hand drying is superior to using germy, expensive paper towels. Here’s why:

  • Modern hand dryers require far less electricity, water, and other resources to manufacturer versus paper towels.
  • Hand dryers can be easily recycled, compared to wasteful, nonrecyclable paper towels.
  • Using hand dryers helps to keep trash out of landfills.
  • Studies show that hand dryers do a better job of reducing the spread of microbes than paper towels.

So order your new J-970 chrome hand dryers from Allied today, using either our toll-free number or handy online form.

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