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Now you can enjoy the convenience, hygiene, and ease of installation that come with American Hand Dryer add-on products at an affordable cost. The available accessories for these great hand dryers include the following products:

  1. Wall-Mounted ADA-Compliant Splash Guards – The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies that wall guards for hand dryers should extend no more than four inches from the wall they’re mounted to. Until recently, this has meant having to cut into your restroom walls. But now, thanks to the new wall guard from American Dryer, those days are in the past. This unit complies fully with ADA rules when installed as directed. Plus, it drastically reduces the amount of water that splashes onto walls and floors, which keeps your restrooms more hygienic and helps to prevent the spread of disease-carrying germs. Plus, these units are made from highly polished stainless steel and install with only four bolts.
  2. Compliant Recess Kits – Sometimes, meeting ADA guidelines requires hand dryers to be recessed into the surrounding wall. This unit makes the job easier while also keeping the dryer within the four-inch protrusion limit specified by federal regulations. This kit is made from one piece of polished steel and is easy to install with basic hand tools.
  3. Adapter Plates – Nothing ruins a restroom’s décor like ugly mounting holes for hand dryers and paper towel dispensers. This unit covers those openings and gives the wall a neat, trim, professional appearance.

When you purchase your American Hand Dryer accessories from Allied, you’ll enjoy great perks like super-fast free shipping and our low price guarantee. So place your order today!

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