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Oval Baby Changing Stations

Why Oval Baby Changing Stations Might be Right for Your Restrooms

Appearance is often just as important as any other feature a product offers. Take oval baby changing stations, for example. "What difference does the shape make?" some might ask when choosing which of our models to order. The answer is, "quite a lot," when you consider how shape affects people?s perception of a product's safety and value.

The Most Precious Sight in the World

To parents, nothing could be more wonderful than the sight of their children. Along with this very natural instinct comes the urge to protect their little ones from any possible source of harm.

What does this have to do with the changing tables in your restrooms? Simply this: a mountain of marketing and psychological studies show that people associate round shapes with safety, security, and protection.

As a businessperson, you know that packaging plays a huge part in how a prospect views an item. That same principle applies to everything you customer sees while in your location?not just merchandise, office furniture, and the attire of your staff, but also the changing tables that they trust to support their small children.

Of course, the safety of our products doesn't depend on their shape. We would never tolerate anything less! When placing your order with us, though, we recommend that you consider the subjective element that's part of your customer's total experience. You may decide that oval baby changing stations are right for your restrooms. No matter which of our models you choose, however, you'll enjoy the many benefits that come with ordering from Allied:

  • Free same-day shipping to the contiguous US, and free shipping to all 50 states
  • Our ironclad commitment to your satisfaction - refunds or exchanges cheerfully accepted.
  • Our double-your-money-back guarantee, so you know you're getting the lowest price of any online merchant.


With benefits like these, why not place your order today? We look forward to serving you.

You can put your mind at ease that we have over 24 years helping customers with both hand dryers and baby changing stations. We also give quantity discounts and can help you choose the best baby changing station according to your needs. Give us some information about the restroom dimensions and we can help you choose. Call us today if you have questions or order online.

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