5 Benefits of Microban Baby Changing Tables

Microban baby changing tables are gentle on babies yet murder on germs. Here are five reasons to invest in these products for your facility:

  1. Even a supposedly clean surface can harbor disease-causing microorganisms like salmonella, coli, and the bacteria that causes staph infections. One study done by the Microban Corporation found 7850 bacterial colonies within each square centimeter of the tested surface. We’re not talking polluted swamps or other obvious danger areas. These types of tests are performed on the kind of surfaces you encounter every day, including those in public restrooms.
  2. While standard polyethylene, a product from which all of our baby changing stations are made, is highly germ-resistant, Microban baby protection adds another non-removable layer of safety. Investing in baby changing stations made with this product is an excellent way to promote overall hygiene in your facility while giving yourself and your customers added peace of mind.
  3. Microban baby protection coatings also make products easier to clean and maintain. Microban makes commercial baby changing stations more resistant to spills, stains, and microbes.
  4. Allied carries many changing stations enhanced with Microban baby protection coatings. While you may think this added benefit costs substantially more, in fact, these products are among the most affordable models we sell.
  5. When you buy Microban baby protection-enhanced diaper stations from Allied, you’ll enjoy extra benefits like super-fast and free shipping to all U.S. locations, our iron-clad low-price guarantee, easy ordering from our website, and the assistance of caring, knowledgeable customer service experts.

Add up all the facts and you can see why investing in commercial diaper stations with Microban baby protection is a great idea. So browse our site to see for yourself the many top-quality products we carry, or contact us for more information. Remember: all of our changing stations are backed by manufacturer’s warranties plus our own satisfaction guarantee, so you can order without risk.

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