Saniflow® Babymedi® Baby Changing Stations

Babymedi® Baby Changing Stations by Saniflow®

As far as diaper changing stations go, there’s simply no room for compromise when it comes to safety and health. At the same time, your operating budget might be tighter than ever due to the challenging economic times we live in. That’s why we’re proud to offer our BABYMEDI® baby changing tables by SANIFLOW®.  While their quality is excellent, their costs are highly affordable.

Our SANIFLOW® baby changing stations come with the following great benefits:

  • Your choice of horizontal or vertical designs. Now even businesses with small restrooms can offer the convenience of diaper changing stations.
  • Solid construction with safe, sturdy, hygienic polypropylene.
  • BioCote® antimicrobial additive which minimizes microorganisms and bacteria grow
  • Sturdy child protection straps that gently hold babies in place.
  • Excellent, long-lasting hygiene; tests show no measurable fungal or bacterial growth on these units, even after repeated use.
  • Built-in bag hooks and liner dispensers that offer easy convenience to users.

Don’t Lose Out on Opportunities for New Customers

Keeping visitors in your location is key to having them do business with you and not your competitors. Of course, when a parent has a baby to change, he or she will head to the nearest place that offers a safe, hygienic, private environment. If you provide that with your own changing stations, then those moms and dads will not only appreciate the service, they’ll stay in your facility instead of going next door or down the street to the competition. So remember: installing our affordable, easy-to-use products is a simple and smart choice for your business. Place your order today, either online or by calling our handy, toll-free number. 

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