Push-Button Hand Dryers

Sanitary, Affordable, and Environmentally Friendly Hand Dryers

Today’s push-button hand dryers are more effective and energy-efficient than ever before. They're also an option for anyone seeking environmentally friendly hand dryers. And thanks to our low prices and ultra-fast delivery, you can be enjoying the many benefits they provide in virtually no time at all.

Push-button Dryers: the Sanitary Option

Back in the 1950s and 60s, scientists talked a lot about the coming push-button age when all sorts of tasks would be taken care of with a simple tap of a finger. Push-button hand dryers are a prime example of how that promise has come true in our time. Compare these handy devices to paper towels and the difference between the two becomes clear:

  • Paper towels are expensive. Studies show that the average worker uses as many as 3,000 sheets each year while on the job. Multiply that by the number of employees you have, and it’s easy to see how much the paper towel habit is costing your company. Look for environmentally friendly hand dryers instead.
  • Paper towels are a health hazard. It’s easy to see why: just look at your restroom. How many of these microbe-laden wads of pulp end up on the floor or on the counter? Each of those towels is a potential germ carrier, contributing to sickness and lost time for your employees and for you.
  • Paper towels clog toilets. Many people carelessly toss paper towels into toilets where they block up the plumbing, which results in more work for your maintenance staff or expensive visits from a professional plumber.

Push-button dryers avoid these problems by bathing user’s hands in a gentle stream of warm air to dry them completely. This gets your workers back on the job and your customers back on the sales floor quicker, with improved hygiene as an added benefit.

Push-Button Dryers: the Affordable Option

Here at Allied, we’re happy to offer our customers a wide range of solutions to their restroom needs. That includes budget-friendly push-button dryers that get the job done without wrecking your operating budget. Take a few minutes to browse our line of quality products, and then place your order today!

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DA5-974, World Dryer Push-Button Stamped Steel White-World Dryer-Allied Hand Dryer
from $279.00

DA5-974, World Dryer Push-Button Stamped Steel White

World Dryer

World Dryer DA5-974 Push-Button Hand Dryer with Stamped Steel Cover & Baked White Enamel Finish ARE YOU A CONTRACTOR? CALL (210) 794-7450 FOR ...

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from $279.00
HK1800PS, FastDry White ABS Hand Dryer-FastDry-Allied Hand Dryer

HK1800PS, FastDry White ABS Hand Dryer


LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED! Outstanding price point for easy affordability. Rugged yet attractive exterior suitable for any environment. Simple, reli...

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