5 Best Features of the ExtremeAir Hand Dryer

The ExtremeAir hand dryer is a great choice for all types of commercial locations. Here are five reasons to consider this outstanding product for your facility:

  • 1.Simple, reliable operation. The ExtremeAir hand dryer uses room-temperature air to dry hands quickly. This heat-free approach makes it a sensible, all-natural choice for your needs.
  • 2.Adjustable noise levels. This makes the ExtremeAir hand dryer an especially good choice for sound-sensitive environments like nursing homes, hospitals, and libraries.
  • 3.Patented Cold Plasma Clean technology. This breakthrough approach uses ionized air to thoroughly sanitize the user's hands in seconds. Ionized air is completely harmless to humans, but murder on germs. The result: enhanced hygiene, less chance of disease-causing infections, and a better overall environment for yourself and your people.
  • 4.Rugged construction. The industrial-grade components in the ExtremeAir hand dryer are built to last year after year. This makes the ExtremeAir a great choice for high-volume restrooms.
  • 5.Attractive appearance. The ExtremeAir hand dryer comes in a variety of flattering exteriors, including white, black graphite, chrome, and stainless steel. Not only will this hand dryer serve your needs, it will also complement your restroom's appearance.

By ordering your ExtremeAir hand dryer from Allied today, you'll be getting a great product, as well as these exclusive advantages:

  • Our unsurpassed price-match guarantee. If you find a lower cost for the ExtremeAir hand dryer or any other product we sell, from any Internet merchant, then we will match or beat it every time, without fail.
  • Timely delivery of your product at no added cost. We ship most orders the same day they're placed. We also offer free UPS delivery to all points within the United States.
  • Superior customer service from our team of conscientious, well-trained experts.

So browse our site, and order your new ExtremeAir hand dryer or other products today.

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