5 Requirements for Commercial Hand Dryers

Modern commercial hand dryers are lightyears ahead of units built just a few years ago. This is true whether you choose one of our value-priced lines or a deluxe model with cutting-edge features. To demonstrate, here are five features that all our commercial hand dryers share:

  • 1.Safety. You’ll never have to worry about one of our commercial hand dryers causing electric shocks or fires, as long as they are properly installed. Each is built with multiple safeguards to prevent mishaps.
  • 2.Hygiene. High-speed air hand drying offers numerous benefits over expensive, germy, cumbersome paper towels. This isn’t just our opinion; it’s the verdict of countless science-based studies performed by leading researchers across the globe. If you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to promote a healthier environment in your facility, then there’s no better way to do so than by investing in commercial hand dryers from Allied.
  • 3.Dependability. All our dryers are backed by ironclad manufacturer warranties against defects in workmanship or materials. You’ll enjoy years of trouble-free service from our products.
  • 4.Ease of installation. Our dryers are designed to match multiple voltage layouts, making them easy to pair with your location’s wiring. See product descriptions for specific information.
  • 5.Vandal-resistant features. These include anti-tamper screws, shielded power supplies, and rugged exteriors that withstand heavy use and even occasional misuse.

As you can see, modern commercial hand dryers are the safe, sanitary choice for your location’s restrooms. But just as important as choosing the right products is selecting the right vendor. Allied stands apart from its competition by offering great benefits like these:

  • Our famous price match guarantee. We will gladly match or beat any web-based vendor’s cost for any item we sell.
  • Fast, free shipping to all U.S. addresses.
  • Superior customer care from our team of customer service experts.

So browse our site and order your new commercial hand dryers today.

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