Adjustable Speed Hand Dryers Put the Power in Your Hands

In today’s high-tech world, you shouldn’t settle for cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all appliances anymore. Not only will they deliver sub-par results, but there are just so many better options out there, including custom-fit ones. Ones you can tailor to your exact needs and preferences. Ones that put the power in your hands, not the manufacturers’.

That’s certainly true with adjustable speed hand dryers, which — unlike more traditional dryers — let you tailor the drying experience on the fly.

Adjustable speed hand dryers let you:

Customize your dryer’s temperature and speed to your customers.

Operating a toy store or senior living community? Your older and younger guests probably don’t need (or want) a super high-heat dryer. In fact, it could even hurt their sensitive hands. Adjust your dryer to fit the needs and preferences of the customers you serve — no one else.

Save cash by choosing low-power settings.

On a tight budget? Or want to cut down on your carbon footprint? Adjustable speed dryers let you choose lower power settings that can do both.

Cut down on waste.

There’s no need to have your dryers on the highest setting for each and every session. That just wastes time, money, and resources. An adjustable speed hand dryer lets you cut down on that waste and operate a more efficient, cost-effective facility as a whole.

Adjust the noise level as needed.

Tired of loud dryers interrupting your customers’ conversations? Want a more relaxing atmosphere? With adjustable speed dryers, you can easily adjust noise level by choosing lower-speed settings on the fly.

With the amount of technology available to us, there’s no reason to settle for a cookie cutter hand dryer ever again. Want a more tailored experience for your business (and your customers)? Then check out our adjustable speed hand dryers now.

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