Baby Changing Tables for Public Restrooms: How Necessary Are they?

Baby Changing Tables for Public Restrooms: How Necessary Are they?

The look on the woman’s face showed utter disgust. “There we were,” she said, “enjoying a family meal on a Friday night when I looked across the dining room and saw a mother changing her infant right there at her table!” She took a moment to compose herself and then continued. “I’m a mom too,” she said, “but there’s a time and place for everything.” She rolled her eyes. “This wouldn’t have happened if the manager had just provided baby changing tables in the restrooms. One thing is for sure: I will never eat there again!”

It Happens Every Day

This experience is hardly unique. Every day across the United States, changing tables are becoming a necessity for public facilities. This is due to many factors, including the following:

  • Changing gender roles – fathers are increasingly taking an active role in caring for their young children. This includes changing their dirty diapers.
  • Economic effects of two-income families – with both mom and dad working at full- or part-time jobs outside the home, it’s often necessary to take small children along on trips to retail outlets, doctor appointments, eating establishments, etc. Naturally, this increases the need for public baby changing tables.
  • Increased mobility – people are on the go more than ever with millions of parents now trying to balance their schedules with work, school, family, and other social responsibilities. Since leaving infants to fend for themselves isn’t an option, this means that little ones – and their special needs – are more and more a part of daily business in public locations.
  • Enhanced health consciousness – Americana are taking better care of themselves than ever before. Exercise, proper nutrition, and stress reduction are part of the lifestyles of millions. Along with this trend has come an increasing awareness of the ways that germs and disease spread. This in turn has increased the demand for clean, safe places to perform diaper duty like public baby changing tables.

Giving Businesses a Competitive Edge

As the economy recovers, low price is less of a concern when consumers are choosing certain providers to do business with. Plus, more and more people are demanding good service. This includes having a friendly, welcoming environment in which to shop, eat, and do business. Locations that provide these benefits will find their bottom lines enhanced as a result. Those that don’t will lose customers and revenue that might have otherwise been theirs.

The Only Sanitary Option

If businesses don’t provide diaper tables, then parents who are caught on the spot must resort to other ways to change their infants. The most common way to do so is to lay the infant on the restroom floor and do the job there. Unfortunately, this is far from hygienic, even if the caregiver uses a blanket, towel, or other barrier between the child and the surface. Studies show that the floor is by far the most germ-laden spot in a typical restroom. Microbes commonly found on these surfaces include deadly pathogens like E. coli, staph, strep, rotavirus, coliform, and MRSA.

Many of these germs have grown resistant to antibiotics in recent years, vastly multiplying the risks associated with coming into contact with them. The bottom line: baby changing tables provide a safe, hygienic place to perform changing duties without having to risk the life or health of the child. That’s one reason why many states are considering making them mandatory in public facilities. By installing them now, you can get a jump on those who wait until diaper stations are required by law.

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