Commercial Hand Dryers: A Smart Investment

Commercial Hand Dryers: A Smart Investment

Commercial hand dryers are an effective way to cut your operating costs while enjoying a more hygienic workplace. That’s the verdict shared by researchers who have compared paper towels to modern warm-air hand drying. If you haven’t eliminated paper towels from your budget yet, then right now is a great time to do so.

Here’s why:

  • Paper towels are a drain on your facility funds because they must constantly be replaced. Additional downsides include the storage space they demand and the labor involved with replenishing towel dispensers. Modern commercial hand dryers, on the other hand, save as much as 95% of the cost of using paper towels.
  • Commercial hand dryers create a healthier, more sanitary atmosphere, with no germ-laden towels or dispensers that have the potential for spreading germs. You may have read about certain misleading, poorly funded studies that claim to show that paper towels are more hygienic than hand dryers. What those reports fail to mention, however, is the dryer models used for the research. Make no mistake; there’s no comparison between modern commercial hand dryers and those made just a few years ago.
  • Paper towels are less environmentally friendly. Not only are valuable resources used to manufacture them, but they’re bulky, non-recyclable, and consume landfill space. If you’d like to decrease your company’s carbon footprint, eliminating paper towels is an excellent step to take.

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