Koala KB 112-01CT Countertop Baby Changing Stations

Koala KB 112-01CT Countertop Baby Changing Stations

We’re proud to offer the Koala KB 112-01CT, the leader among countertop changing stations. Now virtually any public restroom can have a safe, sanitary place for caregivers to change baby diapers. Yet the Koala offers many of the same features traditionally found only in wall-mounted units. If you’re looking for a way to install changing tables in your restrooms without taking up precious wall space, then countertop changing stations are the way to go. The Koala KB 112-01CT offers the following winning features:

  • Bottom depth of just over three inches provides a spacious area in which to perform changing duties.
  • Included nylon strap offers added security.
  • Built-in liner dispensers eliminate the need for caregivers to bring their own liners.
  • Sturdy polyethylene construction is germ resistant, easy to keep clean, and built to last for years.
  • Installs easily with basic hand tools.

Installation Instructions

  • 1.Make sure that the countertop is free of cracks or damage.
  • 2.Remove the countertop baby changing station from its packaging and inspect it for damage or defects. Should you note any problems, cancel the install and contact either Allied or Koala for customer support.
  • 3.Place the unit into its desired location on the countertop. The Koala KB 112-01CT does not require cutting into the counter surface for installation. Rather, use the screw holes as a guide for drilling into the surface with a 5/32 diameter bit. Drill to a depth of 3/4 inches.
  • 4.Attach the unit to the countertop with the enclosed screws. Apply a good commercial water sealant (preferably silicone-based) around the edges.
  • 5.Stock the unit with sanitary bed liners.
  • 6.Give the unit a final visual inspection, checking the nylon safety strap and other components.
  • 7.Now you’re ready to start offering your customers all the benefits of countertop changing stations.

Remember, when you buy your countertop changing stations from Allied, you enjoy the advantages of free same-day shipping to anywhere in the United States, our famous low-price guarantee, and superior customer care. So browse our site and place your order today.

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