Discover the Affordable Benefits of Toto Hand Dryers

Toto hand dryers may be the best-kept secret in the commercial restroom products industry. We think that's a shame, because the Toto name is synonymous with technological innovation and unsurpassed quality. If you're looking for high-quality, affordable hand dryers for your facility, then you owe it to yourself to try the many excellent benefits of the Toto line. These include:
     • Ultra-fast drying speeds that serve more users in less time.
     • Energy-efficient components that can save you money every time someone uses one of your dryers.
     • Quiet operating speeds that make Toto hand dryers ideal for any location.
     • Durable construction for year after year of trouble-free service.
     • Attractive, professionally designed exteriors that make Toto hand dryers perfect for any restroom

As you can see, Toto hand dryers have a lot going for them. Here's a quick look at the four models Allied carries:
     • The Toto HDR120, with double-sided blowers for user comfort and faster drying times.
     • The Toto HDR130, which offers ultra-quiet operation in a compact design.
     • The Toto HDR101, which features a spacious recessed hand drying area for the ultimate
       in user experience and quick drying times.
     • The Toto HDR111, an especially beautiful product with a stainless-steel exterior, a reservoir
       tray that catches wastewater, a recessed opening for efficiency and user enjoyment, and
       touch-free operation for improved hygiene. 

We could talk all day about the many advantages of Toto hand dryers. But the best way to find out more about these top-quality products is to place your order with Allied today. When you do, remember that we offer fast, free shipping to all U.S. addresses, an unbeatable low-price guarantee, and sturdy packaging that ensures your order arrives in perfect condition. We look forward to serving you.

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