Do You Need a Commercial Diaper Changing Station? Consider these Factors.

Do You Need a Commercial Diaper Changing Station? Consider these Factors.

Are you considering installing a commercial baby changing station in your restroom facilities? If so, you'll find that doing so is a wise investment. There are few better ways to show how much you appreciate your customers than by giving them this safe, convenient, hygienic way to care for their children while in your facility.

Of course, as with any other decision, there are a few factors you should consider before deciding which units to purchase. To help you make the best possible choice, we offer the following factors for consideration.

How Large Are Your Restrooms?

The amount of wall space you have will determine what type of commercial baby changing station you should purchase. For those with limited room, we strongly recommend one of our vertically mounted stations. These take up the least amount of horizontal room, making them ideal for locations where every inch of wall space is precious. On the other hand, those with large restrooms, like the ones commonly found in newer shopping centers and restaurants, usually find that our horizontal stations serve their customers better. They are more spacious and provide more elbow room. For those with extremely limited room, or with ample counter space, we suggest our counter-mounted units. They take up about as much room as a hand-washing sink, yet they provide ample space for changing most babies.

How Are Your Walls Constructed?

Baby changing stations usually attach easily to rooms with traditional wall studs placed at regular intervals. This is the arrangement found in virtually all buildings constructed in the last 30 years. Occasionally, however, we have customers whose facilities were built using alternative methods. Fortunately, a modern commercial baby changing station can be safely mounted to almost any wall surface; call or email us if you need more information.

What Sort of Customers Do You Have?

Is your client base primarily one gender, or are men and women equally represented? We ask this because it's increasingly common for property owners to install changing stations in restrooms for both sexes. This reflects changes in our society, as men take a greater role in tasks historically viewed as being for women.

How Many Restrooms Do You Have?

We recommend having one station per restroom, though of course, the actual number will be affected by space and budgetary matters. We can help you to calculate how many you need; call or email us for further information.

Do You Have Any Unused Sink Spaces?

If so, then these are perfect spots for our station-mounted stations. They are designed to fit in small spaces.

Is Your Location Vulnerable to Theft or Vandalism?

This is often the case with public facilities, like highway rest stops. If so, then we recommend our stainless steel commercial baby changing stations. Due to the material, they're more likely to deter efforts to deface or damage them. Also, they project a clean, professional image that is an asset to any location.

Will You Need a Separate Changing Liner Dispenser?

You might, if your site sees heavy traffic. While most of our units have built-in dispensers, external ones are sometimes needed as supplements. If you choose our counter-mounted units, then a liner dispenser is a must-have.

Where Should You Buy Stations From?

Ask yourself how important it is to you to get high-quality products at the best possible price, backed by unrivaled customer care. If this matters at all (and we suspect it does), then Allied should be your vendor of choice for a commercial baby changing station. We offer a best-price guarantee, a huge range of models to choose from, and fast, free shipping to anywhere in the United States. So browse our site, then place your order today.

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