Dyson Hand Dryers: The Name You Can Trust

Dyson hand dryers provide fast drying times, user comfort, and unsurpassed reliability. If you're looking for a way to offer your clients or customers all the benefits of modern warm-air hand drying, then Dyson hand dryers are an excellent choice. You'll also enjoy additional benefits when you order from Allied, such as free delivery and the lowest possible price.

Dyson Hand Dryers: Three Models to Meet Every Need

Dyson offers three different models, each with its own outstanding set of features:

  • 1.The Dyson Air Blade dB harnesses the power of a digitally controlled electric motor to bathe hands in gentle sheets of warm air. These units are 50% quieter than competing models, offer fast 12-second drying times, and promote hygiene by catching water that would otherwise end up on the bathroom floor. And they could not be simpler to operate. Users simply pass their hands through the spacious opening, and the Dyson takes care of the rest.
  • 2.The Dyson Air Blade V provides lightning-fast drying times in a handy, compact size. At only four inches deep, this unit is the perfect choice for restrooms with limited available wall space. This product offers the same 12-second drying time as the dB.
  • 3.For ultimate ease-of-use, there is the Dyson Air Blade Tap. This unit mounts directly into any available faucet, allowing users to wash and dry their hands without moving away from the washbasin. With zero risk of electric shock and fast 14-second drying times, the Tap offers maximum convenience in a minimal amount of space.

Besides Dyson hand dryers, we also carry top-quality models from Mitsubishi, World Dryer Company, and other leading manufacturers. We offer fast, free shipping to all US locations, our famous price-match guarantee, and excellent customer service. Browse our site, and place your order today.

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