Energy Efficient Hand Dryers: Making Every Penny Count

Energy Efficient Hand Dryers: Making Every Penny Count

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, it pays to save every penny you can. Modern energy efficient hand dryers can go a long way to keeping more money in your organization’s account while making your facility healthier and more hygienic.

Here’s how:

  • Hand dryers cost almost nothing to operate; studies show they use less than one cent in electricity every time they’re operated. This makes them a better bargain by far over paper towels, which keep you chained to a never-ending cycle of replacement and resupply costs. That’s not to mention the expenses and hassles involved with ordering, storing, loading, and throwing away all those towels. It doesn’t take long for these drags on the budget to add up to real money.
  • Hand dryers benefit the environment and also save time and expense by reducing the vast amounts of waste generated by paper towel use. It’s estimated that 40% of the material in most landfills is made up of paper products. This waste spends months or even years slowly festering just beneath the earth’s surface while acting as a breeding ground for all sorts of micro-organisms. This doesn’t sound like the best environmental stewardship.
  • Many of the energy efficient hand dryers we sell are GreenSpec listed, meaning they can help your organization qualify for LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, credits. This is not only good for the Earth, it can also boost your company’s image and help it to enjoy a number of tax breaks. That’s the kind of win-win situation that benefits everyone.

As you can see, today’s energy efficient hand dryers offer multiple advantages over paper towels. And to maximize the return on your investment, it just makes sense to buy them from the best dealer you can find, one that offers a best-price guarantee, a wide selection, and excellent customer service. That’s where Allied comes into the picture. Browse our site and see for yourself how we stand apart from our competitors. 

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