Five Must-Have Features for Industrial Hand Dryers

Industrial hand dryers are designed to provide years of heavy-duty use. That’s especially true when you order them from Allied. Our products are made by world-class manufacturers and built to go the distance. When you add in our unbeatable prices and superior customer service, it’s easy to see why we’re the leaders in the commercial restroom products industry.

Here are five qualities to look for in industrial hand dryers:

  • 1.Fast drying times. The last thing you need in your restrooms is long waiting lines. That’s why we sell only high-powered units that dry hands in as little as seven to eight seconds. We appreciate how busy you and your people are.
  • 2.Economical operation. Even the fastest hand dryer is useless if it costs a fortune to operate. Each of our models costs well under a penny per operating cycle, making them the budget-smart choice, especially when compared to paper towels.
  • 3.Anti-tamper features. It’s a sad fact of life that vandalism is all too common. That’s why we sell models with built-in security features to protect your investment.
  • 4.Anti-shock features. All our industrial hand dryers are built with multiple safeguards to prevent short-circuits and other mishaps. Each model is perfectly safe when installed according to the instructions.
  • 5.Affordability. With many organizations strapped for cash, this is perhaps the most important of the five features. That’s why we sell industrial hand dryers in a wide price range; we never want cost to deter you from enjoying all the benefits of modern warm-air hand drying.

When you order industrial hand dryers from Allied, you’re not only getting a great products but also low pricing and quick shipping. Plus, we offer a giant selection and friendly customer service. So browse our site and order your new industrial hand dryers today. You’ll be glad you did.

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