For Hygiene and Cost Savings, Trust Push-Button Hand Dryers

For Hygiene and Cost Savings, Trust Push-Button Hand Dryers

Push-button hand dryers offer an affordable way for facilities to provide warm-air hand drying at a fraction of the cost associated with paper towels. Are you looking for a way to slash your operating costs while promoting good health and doing something positive for the environment? If so, then electric hand drying is the way to go.

Modern Warm-Air Hand Drying: the Economical Choice

Researchers have compared paper towels side-by-side with hand dryers in a series of recent tests. Here are some of their findings:

  • Each paper towel costs the average organization about 1 cent each. For that same penny, you could operate a hand dryer as many as 20 times for a 95% cost savings.
  • Used paper towels are swarming in all kinds of micro-organisms, including those that cause staph infections and influenza. Imagine how many disease-causing pathogens are festering in a trash can filled with used towels.
  • Paper towel dispensers are a favorite gathering place for all sorts of germs. In contrast, most push-button hand dryers are made with special materials that prevent bacteria from growing on them.
  • Paper towels are harmful to the environment for several reasons. One is that paper towels require a large quantity of wood pulp, water, and industrial chemicals to manufacture. Additional reasons include using diesel fuel to transport the towels and taking up landfill space since paper towels cannot be recycled.
  • Electric dryers, on the other hand, can be used thousands of times during their life cycle. Compared to paper towels, they take up virtually no room in storage, don’t create mountains of germ-laden waste, and are made of mostly recyclable materials.

As you can see, push-button hand dryers are a smart investment, and they pay for themselves many times over. Enjoy these benefits yourself by placing your order online or through our toll-free number at 1-800-535-4393. We look forward to serving you.

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