Here Are Answers to Common Concerns About Restaurant Baby Changing Stations

Restaurant baby changing stations are practically a necessity in today's world. Despite this fact, we sometimes come across business owners or managers that are reluctant to invest in these versatile products. In this post we'd like to discuss some of the most common concerns we hear from potential buyers. In the end, we think you'll agree that restaurant baby changing stations are indeed one of the smartest purchases any facility can make.

1. “They’re Too Expensive”
We understand it's important to spend your organization's funds wisely—that's why commercial diaper stations are such a great buy. After all, when a child is in need of a fresh diaper, mom or dad will want to do whatever is necessary to get it taken care of quickly. Giving parents the ability to do so is a great way to keep them in your location instead of, say, crossing the street to your competitors’.
Installing commercial changing stations is also an ideal way to build positive customer relations. Parents appreciate anything that saves them time and makes their lives a little more convenient. And, as you already know, grateful customers will be happy to spread the word about your business. When all is said and done, a modest investment in restaurant baby changing stations can pay off big-time over the long run.

2. “They’re Too Hard to Install”
Our modern world is more specialized than ever before. Sometimes finding a competent Jack-of-all-trades can be an exhausting task in itself. Fortunately, our restaurant baby changing stations require very minimal skills and only a few basic hand tools. If you can drive a nail or saw through a board, you already possess the needed know-how. Each changing station we sell comes with easy-to-follow directions that make installation a piece of cake, along with toll-free customer support lines in case you have a question along the way.
If you're still concerned about whether the job is too involved or difficult, take a moment to watch this handy video from the good people at Koala Kare. It takes you through the steps of installing one of their horizontal models, so you can see for yourself just how simple the process is.

3. “My Customers Won’t Use Them”
Any smart businessperson knows that money and time are too valuable to waste. That's yet another reason why installing restaurant baby changing stations is such a smart move. Eating out is one way that today's parents save time. Why take a chance on these valuable customers going somewhere else when you can help keep them in your restaurant with only a very modest investment of time and money?

4. “There Are Too Many Vendors to Choose From”
Yes, it's true that there are plenty of commercial restroom product vendors on the market, and each of them will claim to be the best. What sets Allied apart from those other companies is our unique combination of benefits we proudly call "the Allied Advantage." They include:

Our unbeatable low-price guarantee. This is how it works: if you find a lower price for any item we sell, from any web-based vendor, we will gladly meet or beat it every time, no questions asked. This is your assurance that you will never overpay when you do business with Allied.
Lightning-fast free shipping to all US addresses. More often than not we'll be able to get your order out the same day it's placed. We use UPS exclusively, so you’ll know your order is being handled by conscientious professionals.
Hassle-free ordering from our easy-to-browse website. You can place your order online or by calling our toll-free number— the choice is yours.
World-class customer service that goes on long after the sale is completed. We’re not just trying to sell products. We want to build a long-term business relationship with your organization. You can expect us to go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring your complete satisfaction with each and every order.
As you can see, restaurant baby changing stations are one of the wisest investments you can make in your business' future. Browse our site and place your order today for fastest delivery. We look forward to serving you.

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