How an AP Adapter Plate Will Help Your Restrooms

Many facility managers are excited about making the change from obsolete, environmentally-wasteful paper towels to modern warm-air hand drying. One issue holding them back, however, is concern about unsightly holes left behind by paper towel dispensers or antiquated drying units.

The AP adapter plate solves these problems easily. Simply screw the plate onto the surrounding wall with the included hardware. Then simply attach your new hand dryer to the exterior, and you're done! The plate hides holes and other imperfections in your restroom's walls, enhancing your décor while your new dryers promote better hygiene.

Paper Towels vs. Modern Hand Dryers: What Science Says

The paper towel industry wants you to believe that its products are as good as, or even better than, modern warm-air hand dryers. Sometimes, they may even cite limited studies that seem to back their claims.

In reality, this research may have been conducted using older, less powerful hand dryer models than the ones currently available. When compared with today's products, the truth becomes clear that our modern dryers offer advantages paper towels just can't touch. These include:

  • Super-fast drying times. Many of our products dry hands thoroughly in as little as 10 seconds.
  • Freedom from the never-ending costs associated with buying, storing, and disposing of endless mountains of paper towels and their waste. Think of how much money this can save your organization over time.
  • No more germ-filled piles of soggy paper towel waste overflowing your wastebaskets and littering your restroom floors.
  • The feeling that comes with knowing you're doing something good for the environment. Paper towels cannot be recycled; they sit and fester in landfills for decades. Compare that with modern electric hand dryers, which are made with a high percentage of recyclable components. Also, these units normally last five years or longer, slashing the amount of waste you send to the dump by more than 99 percent.

So browse our site and order your new hand dryers, AP adapter plate, or other products today.

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