How the Dyson Tap Both Washes and Dries

The Dyson Tap is the only product on the market that both washes and dries hands. If you want a top-of-the-line item that minimizes drying time and maximizes user convenience, then the Dyson Tap is the clear choice. Here’s how it works:

  • The Dyson Tap combines a hands-free water spigot and pressurized warm-air nozzles, all in the same unit.
  • State-of-the-art safety features eliminate even the remotest possibility of electrical shock during operation, so long as product is installed according to directions.
  • User can wash and dry hands directly over the sink basin; total time to wash and dry is about 20 seconds.

The Dyson Tap is one of the most energy-efficient products on the market. It cost less than $50 per year to operate based on normal usage. Compare that to older hand dryers, which can cost almost four times as much.

The savings become even more apparent when you weigh the negligible energy used by the Dyson Tap against the endless expenses involved with manufacturing, transporting, cleaning up, and disposing of paper towels. The Dyson Tap is a great way to reduce your location’s carbon footprint. It produces a mere 4.0 g of CO2 per use. This is up to 72 percent less CO2 than competing hand dryers and up to 68 percent less than using paper towels.

The Dyson Tap is one of many high-quality products we are proud to sell. We offer other outstanding dryers made by a variety of world-class manufacturers. In addition, we carry commercial diaper changing tables and accessory products. We back up our product line with exclusive customer benefits that include:

  • Our unbeatable price-match guarantee.
  • Fast, free shipping to all points in the US.
  • Secure packaging that ensures your order arrives damage-free and ready to install.
  • Mounting and usage instructions included with every item.

So order your new Dyson Tap or other commercial restroom product from Allied today. We look forward to serving you.

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