How to Buy Hand Dryers Without Breaking the Bank

One way to slash your operating costs is to buy hand dryers for your facility. These products not only enhance restroom hygiene, they can save your organization significant funds. Even so, in today's economic climate, many companies are forced to watch every penny. So here's how you can buy hand dryers without breaking the bank:

  • 1.Keep the cost in perspective. Even our lowest-priced hand dryers offer dramatic cost savings when compared to the never-ending expense of using non-recyclable paper towels in your restrooms. Not only are paper towels a burden on the environment, they create a potential health problem for yourself and your people in the form of soggy, germ-filled used towels overflowing your wastebaskets and littering your bathroom floors. Studies show that wet paper towels can harbor all sorts of disease-causing microorganisms, including the pathogens that cause serious illnesses, such as influenza and staph infections. When you consider this fact, it's easy to see how it makes sense to buy hand dryers instead.
  • 2.Choose one of our more affordable models. Even our lowest-priced hand dryers are light years ahead of older, antiquated units you may have used in the past. They offer fast drying times, reliable operation, and rugged, yet attractive exteriors that complement any décor. Browse our site and see our low prices for yourself.
  • 3.Ask us about volume discounts. We are passionate about helping your organization enjoy the benefits of modern warm-air hand drying. We will gladly work out a custom quote when you purchase multiple units, allowing you to buy hand dryers without breaking your budget.

Remember, when you do business with Allied, you get money-saving perks like fast, free UPS shipping to all US locations. We also offer an unbeatable price-match guarantee that ensures you never overpay when you order from us. So browse our site and see just how affordable it can be to buy hand dryers.

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