How to Mount and Maintain a Folding Baby Changing Station

How to Mount and Maintain a Folding Baby Changing Station

Mounting a folding baby changing station properly is easy, as long as you closely follow the installation instructions. As these products will support infant children, it is crucial to use proper tools and techniques at all times.

Each unit comes with its own specific set of guidelines for installation. The following is a simple guide intended to introduce the basic steps of installation. Be sure to precisely follow the directions that come with your chosen product in order to meet all applicable building codes and other regulations.

Step One: Removal and Inspection

Remove the product from its wrapping. Inspect it immediately for any signs of shipping-related damage. Look for cracks, loose bolts or anything that appears out of the ordinary. Though it's rare to find shipping damage, this is still an important first step to ensure safety.

Step Two: Location, Parts, and Instructions

Determine the best place to mount the station. The best placement of your folding baby changing station will depend on various factors, including available wall space and customer needs. If you have already chosen a location, make sure the unit fits it properly.

Open the instructions and review them carefully. Take an inventory of the included hardware and make sure all pieces are present and in good shape. You may have leftover bolts, screws or other components once you're finished. If you've followed the directions precisely, this should not be a cause for concern.

Step Three: Locating the Studs and Mounting the Unit

For maximum safety, the unit's wall mounting hardware should be connected directly into at least two wall studs. In some cases, only one stud may be used, along with toggle bolts for the other end. If in doubt, consult an architect or building safety specialist. Your station's instruction sheet will have further information.

Use standard drill bits when making the pilot holes in the studs. If the outer wall is brick, then it may be necessary to use masonry bits to drill through until you reach the studs. Once the initial components are in place, you may mount the unit to the wall. If you have used toggles, make certain they are tight and do not turn in the holes.

Step Four: Final Inspection

After completing the installation, make sure the unit can open and close easily. Ensure that liners, safety straps and all other components are in place. Finally, clean up any construction waste. If the installation is sound and you have followed all the directions, your new folding baby changing station should now be ready for use.

Maintenance Procedures

The following are steps your housekeeping staff should perform regularly to ensure that the station is safe, hygienic and ready for use. Be sure to make this routine part of your regular restroom cleaning schedule.

  • Make sure there is always an adequate supply of baby changing station liners. Keep an eye on how fast your customers use these items, and restock as needed to prevent them from running out.
  • Inspect the exterior and interior parts for signs of wear or malfunction. Ensure that the unit opens and closes smoothly Ñ problems in this area may indicate that the gas shocks should be replaced. The buckle on the safety belt should also open and close easily and crisply. Make sure the multi-lingual warning label and instructions are in place and legible. Be sure that any issues are promptly reported to management.
  • Remove any unused baby changing station liners in the unit and clean thoroughly using a standard disinfectant cleaner, applied with a cleaning towel or sponge. If the unit contains stainless components, then use an approved metal cleaner for these parts.
  • Allow the unit to dry completely, then inspect for residual stains or odors and replace missing baby changing station liners. The unit should now be ready for use.

Remember, the above steps are meant for general reference only. Retain the instructions that come with your products and consult them as needed. For the lowest prices and best service anywhere, always order your folding baby changing stations and hand dryers from Allied.

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