Is the Dyson Airblade Worth It? You Bet!

The Dyson AirBlade is the premier product of its type in the whole world. If you own or manage an image-conscious facility where appearance and performance are equally essential to your business model, then the Dyson AirBlade is the logical choice for your restrooms. Here’s why:

  • The engineers at Dyson designed the AirBlade to offer the ultimate hand drying experience. The unit creates speed streams of room-temperature air that wipes moisture from the user’s hands comfortably and efficiently. This enables the AirBlade to serve more restroom patrons in less time, preventing bottlenecks and helping ensure an orderly flow of traffic.
  • The Dyson AirBlade is built with every possible energy-saving feature offered by modern technology. It’s unbelievably thrifty when compared to the never-ending expenses and hassles of using paper towels. It also offers a lower operating cost than many other electric hand dryers on the market — not bad for a one-time purchase that will last you for many, many years to come.
  • The Dyson AirBlade enhances good restroom hygiene with its built-in wastewater reservoir that traps dirty, germ-filled water for safe disposal later. This promotes a healthier environment throughout your location. It also makes visitors more at ease in your facility.
  • The Dyson AirBlade has a sleek, streamlined look that’s a treat for the eyes, as well as the user’s hands. This makes it a worthy addition to any facility. Where else can you find such a stunning combination of operating power, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal?

Now you see why we say the Dyson AirBlade is worth its cost and more. When you order this outstanding product from Allied, you’ll enjoy added money-saving benefits like fast, free shipping, our unbeatable cost-match guarantee, and sturdy packaging that ensures your order arrives undamaged and ready to install. So, order your new Dyson AirBlade or other products from us today. You’ll be glad you did.

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