Is Your Dyson Hand Dryer ADA Compliant? (5 Tips to Know)

Dyson is a leading brand of innovative and energy-efficient hand dryers that adhere to ADA requirements when properly installed. Suitable for public spaces like restaurants, libraries, recreation centers, and shopping malls, Dyson is one of the most recognizable automatic hand dryer brands.

Is your Dyson hand dryer is ADA compliant? Here are some important regulations to keep in mind.

What Does the ADA Require?

The ADA requires that all automatic hand dryers follow specific guidelines to make sure public spaces are handicap accessible. By law, all automatic hand dryers must meet two distinct requirements.

The first requirement dictates that the dryer needs to be strategically placed so that patrons can easily walk to and from the unit. For this reason, the ADA specifies that dryers cannot protrude from the wall more than 4 inches and must be in close proximity to sinks, bathroom stalls, urinals, trash receptacles, and other fixtures.

The second major requirement is the dryer must be mounted at a height that is easy to access by patrons of varying abilities. Specifically, all button and touch-free sensor dryers must be mounted at least 38 inches to 48 inches above the floor.

By ADA standards, an accessible restroom allows persons of varying abilities to access facilities. Wheelchair users must be able to easily enter and maneuver within public restroom facilities. Hand dryers and other fixtures must be placed along an unobstructed travel path.

How to Choose an ADA-Compliant Dryer

Choosing a suitable hand dryer is the key to maintaining ADA compliance. Dyson hand dryers are among the best ADA-compliant models thanks to innovative engineering, sleek design, and handy features. No matter which model you choose, all hand dryers must be mounted in accordance with ADA regulations and must meet local, state, and federal ordinances.

The best Dyson hand dryer models for ADA compliance include the Dyson AB14, which is a low profile, hand-in model that is easily accessed by anyone, including wheelchair users and children.

The popular Dyson HU02 V series dryer is a wall-mounted hand dryer that is not only ADA compliant but also LEED-certified.

The distinct Dyson Airblade Tap AB09 is a space-saving automatic hand dryer and faucet comb. The ADA compliant AB09 allows users to wash and dry hands all in one area and dries hands in as little as 14 seconds.

Tips for Picking a Hand Dryer

Here are 5 tips to make sure your Dyson automatic dryer is ADA compliant:

  1. Review the ADA requirements that pertain to your specific model. Per ADA guidelines, automatic hand dryers must comply with at least 2 primary accessibility requirements, which include installing the dryer on an accessible route at an ADA specified mounting height.

  2. Make sure your Dyson dryer meets the handicap accessible requirements set forth by local ordinances as well as state and federal laws.

  3. If you will be placing your Dyson dryer in a newly constructed or recently renovated building, decide between a wall-mounted, hand-in, or dryer/faucet combo based on square footage and local building codes.

  4. Invest in expert installation. Though some Dyson automatic hand dryers can be safely mounted by any owner, others require the help of a qualified electrician or contractor.

  5. Once your Dyson dryer is installed, ensure that the dryer would be easy to access as defined by the ADA requirements.

Contact the Experts

By following these tips, you can be sure that whichever Dyson automatic hand dryer you choose follows the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. Carrying a range of Dyson dryer models, Allied is your go-to for the best dryers at the best prices.

For expert advice on choosing a Dyson dryer based on your personal preference and voltage requirements, the trained professionals at allied can answer all of your questions by calling 1-800-535-4393.

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