LEED Credit Hand Dryers Can Save Your Business Money

LEED credit hand dryers can save your business money while helping the earth. If you're looking for a way to cut operating expenses, promote overall health, and benefit the environment, all at the same time, then LEED credit hand dryers are a perfect solution. Here's why we say that:

  • Modern warm-air hand dryers beat papers towels hands-down when it comes to enhancing restroom hygiene and reducing your facility's carbon footprint. That's because every roll of paper towels you buy requires as many as two fully grown trees to manufacture. Multiply that by the number of paper towels your location uses annually, and it's easy to see how the ecological impact quickly adds up.
  • LEED credit hand dryers free your organization from the never-ending energy consumption associated with paper towel use. Think of how much it costs your budget to store, replace, clean up, and haul away paper towels. That's not counting the potential risks of having fetid, bacteria-filled used towels infecting your restroom environment.
  • Hand dryers cost almost nothing to operate – a mere fraction of a penny per drying cycle. This represents more than 95 percent cost savings when compared to paper towels. Consider how many times someone uses a restroom in your building, and the advantages of LEED credit hand dryers become obvious.
  • Hand dryers are a fantastic way to distinguish your business from your competitors. Taking the time to earn these valuable credentials shows that you're serious about being a responsible member of the business community. That's the kind of free publicity that can boost your bottom line, while making a positive contribution to the environment we all share.

You'll find a great selection of LEED credit hand dryers here on our site. We also carry hundreds of other commercial restroom products at unbeatable prices and with free shipping to all US addresses. Browse our site and place your order today.

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