Microban® and Public Baby Changing Stations: What You Need to Know

You've no doubt heard about Microban®. This cutting-edge anti-germ protection can be found in all sorts of products, from lunch boxes to public baby changing stations. But what exactly does the term Microban® refer to, and why should you care? In this post we'll answer these questions using facts supported by scientific research.

Microban®: Anti-Microbial Product Protection

A product or substance is "anti-microbial" if it combats the growth and reproduction of micro-organisms including common types of bacteria, molds, fungi, and yeast. Left alone, these organisms could cause illness, produce lingering odors, and degrade unprotected surfaces. Anti-microbial products are among the many sanitary advances that, along with modern medicine, make today's society far safer and more disease-free than in the past.

Where Microban® is Used

Microban® can be found in fibers, coatings, and solid products like the molded polyethylene beds in public baby changing stations. It not only guards against germs, but also fights mold, mildew, and objectionable odors. The result: cleaner, safer products for everyone.

How Microban® Works

Microban® penetrates the cell walls of microorganisms, making it impossible for them to grow and reproduce. Once in place, Microban® protection will not wear out and never needs to be replaced. Be aware that Microban® doesn't substitute for regular cleaning and maintenance procedures, though it can make these steps more effective.

How Quickly Microban® Works

Microban® works instantly to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms and promote a safer, cleaner surface on public baby changing stations and other products.

How We Know that Microban® Product Protection is Safe and Effective for Public Baby Changing Stations

Microban® has been extensively tested for years by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), agencies in Europe, and independent scientific laboratories around the globe. It has consistently passed rigorous checks. These research-based findings show that Microban® is safe for you, for your family, and for the environment.

Microban® and Antibiotic Resistance: The Facts

While the Internet can be a great source of useful information, it can also help to spread hysteria and outright lies. That has been the case with some sites that mislead consumers and the public about Microban® and similar products. These false claims are especially harmful regarding public baby changing stations and the risks posed by antibiotic resistant germs.

It's true that, in some settings, such as certain hospitals and health care clinics, researchers have noticed germs that resist the effects of most modern medicines. However, the overwhelming majority of studies and experiments have confirmed that the cause of this problem is the over-prescription of penicillin and other antibiotics. Even though these wonderful medications have saved the lives of millions of people the world over, overusing or improperly using them can allow stronger, antibiotic-resistant bacteria to develop and grow

While it's important to keep track of developments in this area, it's also vital to understand that Microban® in no way contributes to this issue. In fact, more than 30 years of research has found no link whatsoever between antibiotic-resistant germ strains and the use of Microban® in public baby changing stations or other products.

The bottom line is this: Microban® is a safe, highly effective product that we're proud to have as a component of many of our public baby changing stations, and our commitment to providing you with the best possible products comes with all the other advantages you'll enjoy when you order from Allied:

  • Fast, free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states.
  • Our low-price guarantee that protects our customers from paying too much.
  • A huge variety of both public baby changing stations and electric hand dryers to suit the needs and budget of all types of organizations.

So place your order with us today, using either our toll-free number or our convenient online form. We look forward to serving you.

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