No Touch Hand Dryers Are the Hygienic Choice for Your Facility

Our no touch hand dryers are a great way to improve restroom hygiene and promote good health throughout your facility. Plus, by ordering these outstanding products from Allied, you’ll enjoy added advantages like low pricing, fast delivery, and unsurpassed quality.

Here are three reasons why our no touch hand dryers are such a great value:

  1. Simplicity. There is no pushbutton to break down or suffer misuse, just a motion sensor to activate the product whenever it’s needed. This means there are fewer things able to break down, enhancing the entire product’s reliability.
  2. Hygiene. No pushbutton means no singular point for germs to gather. This eliminates a potential health concern, adding to the dryer’s appeal and usability.
  3. Energy efficiency. Our no touch hand dryers are made with a built-in timer that prevents energy-wasting overuse. The unit operates only for as long as is needed to dry the user’s hands.

Order your new no touch hand dryers from Allied today to enjoy these added perks:

  • Super-fast shipping from our well-stocked warehouse. We’re able to ship most orders the same day they’re placed. You will have a UPS tracking number to keep tabs on your delivery throughout the process, eliminating worry and enhancing peace of mind.
  • Guaranteed lowest prices. If you find a better cost for any item we sell, from any internet-based vendor, then just let us know, and we will gladly match or beat it every time. You never pay too much when you deal with Allied.
  • Multi-year warranties on all our no touch hand dryers. Our manufacturers back everything they sell. In the unlikely event these products need servicing down the road, you’ll receive a quick repair or replacement of the unit.

So, browse our site and order your new no touch hand dryers from Allied today for quickest delivery. Your restroom patrons will appreciate the difference and so will you.

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