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Nothing beats a Nova hand dryer for outstanding performance at a great price. Combine its great features with Allied's super-fast shipping and low prices, and it's easy to see why Nova is an industry leader. Here are a few of the many reasons to use these outstanding products at your location:

  • Rock-solid reliability. All Nova hand dryers are made with sturdy, well-designed components that last for years. Not only will they stand up to the rigors of regular use, they're also built with tamper-proof features to deter even the most determined vandals.
  • User-pleasing performance. Whether you choose the most affordable Nova hand dryer or a deluxe model, you'll enjoy the ultra-fast drying time, quick and easy activation, and pleasantly warm air that offers a drying experience that paper towels simply can't match.
  • Attractive exteriors to match any restroom décor. You'll love the way Nova hand dryers complement your location's looks. We sell them in a variety of styles, with multiple finishes and shapes from which to choose.
  • Environmental benefits. Making a single roll of paper towels requires cutting down two trees. Do the math, and it's easy to see how paper towels contribute to deforestation and other environmental problems. Also, used paper towels are non-recyclable. They will sit in landfills for years, festering in disease-causing germs and working their way deeper into the earth and closer to underground water supplies. A Nova hand dryer, on the other hand, is an energy-efficient product made with a high percentage of recyclable materials. So you can feel good about using them in your facility.

Besides Nova hand dryers, we sell similar products from all leading manufacturers in the business. We also carry commercial baby changing stations, liner dispensers, and a full range of accessory products. Plus, when you choose Allied, you get fast, free shipping across the United States, our low-price guarantee, and easy ordering. So browse our site and order your new Nova hand dryer or other product today.

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